outdoors, smiling man in a black sweater, arms around a smiling woman in a teal sweater

I’m Brandy, a 30-something Michigander, nerd, gamer, and lover of strong coffee. This blog was created as a space for me to share pieces of myself, from my lifestyle to cooking, home styling to travel, and everything in between.

My husband, Alan, and I bought our house in the summer of 2016 and have slowly been working to make it our own. We have two cats, Mister and Murphy, and dog, Lea. I’m a huge nerd (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Firefly), food lover, and a maker of things. I’m also a practicing secular, eclectic witch, a textbook Scorpio, tattooed, and a weight lifter. You can usually find me binge watching Food Network shows or Bob’s Burgers, scrolling Pinterest, and playing World of Warcraft.

Photo by Emily-Waid Photography