Brandy in all black, in front of red door

I’m Brandy, a 30-something Michigander, nerd, gamer, and lover of strong coffee. I’ve been blogging and designing for over half my life, and have been through countless iterations of a personal blog to reflect various points in my life. I have a degree in Business/Marketing and a certificate in HR Management and have had a pretty varied career path. I am sarcastic, cynical, sassy, an only child, and a Scorpio.

My hobbies vary wildly, from blogging to style/makeup/hair to renaissance faires (yes, I go in costume) and weaponry to gaming (video and table top). I love food, wine and good margaritas, weight lifting, yoga, and travel. I’m a voracious reader (mostly fantasy with a little steampunk thrown in for good measure), a Star Wars fangirl, and a Netflix fiend. I have two cats you’ll see pop up on my Instagram, Mister and Murphy, and a dog, Ike, an American Staffordshire Terrier (aka pit bull) Pomeranian mix.

This blog is a little bit life, a little bit nerdy, a little bit style, and a little bit finding myself.

Photos by ArtistiCaise Photography.