getting to know me

getting to know me: past & present

I was born November 8,1985, an only child, raised by my mother, grandparents, aunts, and uncle. I grew up poor, in a tiny, old house, and entertained myself with old TV shows, music, and, eventually, the internet. I was a good student but hated school–I was bullied and lonely until we got our first computer. I took refuge in the internet, starting silly websites, teaching myself to design and code, and meeting others like me on Livejournal and a message board for teen girls (RIP, Laundromatic). Almost 15 years on, I’ve met a number of the ladies from there, and one of them is my best friend all these years later. I’ve always been a huge nerd–while I did watch some Disney movies, what I watched the most was (and still is) the original Star Wars trilogy and Indiana Jones. Coincidentally, Harrison Ford was my first love.

I’ve traveled to France, Ireland, and the Caribbean, and graduated with a degree in Marketing from Western Michigan University.

Right now, I’m doing okay. I have an amazing job at a video game development studio, working with fun, awesome people who I’m lucky to call my friends. I’m approaching 30 and working on getting my stuff together, organized, more grown up. I’m working on being a better friend, spending more time with the people I love, and being more selfless AND more selfish.

My personality is best described by /r/trollxchromosomes.

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