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photoshoot with ArtistiCaise Photography

One of the things that I wanted for my birthday this year was a small photoshoot so that I could have some decent non-selfies to use. I met Danielle of ArtistiCaise Photography at a group photoshoot for a local arts group and absolutely loved her photography–her editing style is natural and gorgeous, and after working with her, I knew that she’d be a great photographer to help direct someone like me, who feels really awkward having their picture taken. We booked on Black Friday to meet in downtown Kalamazoo, and it ended up being rainy and freezing, but decided to truck through anyway.

Our first stop was The Heritage Company, one of my favorite stores to wander through. They collect antiques and salvage from historical homes, so the rooms are filled with random bits and pieces, pictures, doors, light fixtures, and gorgeous hardware. The guys were lovely and invited us back any time. (I ended up going back and purchasing a beautiful vintage sewing machine as a gift for someone.)

heritage co DSC09584-FB DSC09627-FB DSC09656-FB

We actually met up with two other photographers, who followed us around for a bit to take their own photos, help, and provide entertainment. We wandered around downtown, stopping wherever Danielle wanted to stop–that’s something else I love. I can come up with great ideas, but as the professional, she has the eye for which backgrounds will work

DSC09724-FB DSC09737-FB DSC09749-FB
I don’t think that words can adequately describe how much I love these pictures. Even with the cold and the rain and my hair getting all frizzy, these are some of the only pictures of myself that I actually love.

If you’re in west Michigan, definitely hit up Danielle!

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