getting to know me

friday introductions #2

1. I’m a little obsessed with cooking competition shows like Worst Cooks in America and Cutthroat Kitchen.
2. I never wanted to learn to cook growing up, so I’ve taught myself over the last few years. I’m DEFINITELY still learning, thanks to Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell, but being able to make delicious food from scratch has really made a big difference in my life.
3. I’ve been playing video games since I was a toddler; I couldn’t necessarily understand them then, but it was still fun! I just picked up World of Warcraft again after a 5 year hiatus back in November and just got my gaming desktop all finished last weekend. It’s good to be back (shout out to my Thrall guild, THE EASTSIDERS)!
dragon pillow
4. I’ve always had a thing for dragons. I got a dragon pillow (Pillow People Dina Snooze, which was totally a dragon and definitely not a dinosaur) as a toddler, which I kept well into my teens.
5.  I love Chicago and could visit the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium multiple times a year, but Portland, Oregon comes in at a very close second.

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