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Zenni Optical review

I have like ten posts in draft mode that I can’t seem to finish. Blah.

I’ve actually been using Zenni Optical for years, since I didn’t have insurance for roughly ten years, but, you know, needed to see. I have coverage now, but I’m still pretty frugal in certain areas and don’t particularly care about brand names for glasses. I usually only wear contacts, but having a pair of glasses around to wear before bed or throw on in the middle of the night is always a good idea. I went in for my eye exam to check my prescription (still -6.00/-5.25) and then came home to order.

These look way better on @shaewilbur, but I kinda like ’em. #zennioptical #gotmyzennis #109825

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I’ve had my eye on #109825 for a while, ever since I came across the adorable Shae Wilbur wearing what I thought were similar ones–surprise, they’re the same! I had no idea who she was until now, and I think I found the pictures on Pinterest, but yay for Google reverse image search. (And you can’t tell from my picture, but they’re a dark tortoiseshell, not black.)

I got them yesterday and, naturally, immediately tried them on. They’re cute, but not as cute as on Shae. I’ll live. I DEFINITELY should have gone up to the 1.74 index lenses with my prescription, even though the 1.67 were what Zenni recommended. I did get the oleophobic anti-reflective coatings, too, so we’ll see how those go. I even upgraded the shipping to express and the total was only $92!

The frames themselves are sturdy and fit my face pretty well, though I’ve definitely gotten some flimsier frames from Zenni. I may have to adjust the arms a bit, but they fit pretty well without it. I’ve done the adjustments myself before, and it’s pretty easy. There are videos on YouTube (which is what I used), and you can use a hair dryer or hot water. Zenni recommends hot water, and I can say from experience to be very, very careful putting a hair dryer near your lenses–I did this accidentally several years ago and ruined one of the lenses.

How to adjust your glasses? - Infographic

The last thing that I recommend when buying glasses online, especially with Zenni, is to read the reviews on the site but also to search the style number! Tons of people tag their photos with the style number, so you can see pictures of people wearing them in real life as well as comments about the quality (which, in my experience, has typically been pretty good, especially for the price).

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