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April 2016

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three big updates

So there have been lots of things happening here lately. First: back in January, we had an announcement at work that threw everything on its head. It was the opposite of what we thought we’d hear, and threw me into a depression because I was suddenly faced with having no idea what was going to happen with the future. There was a very large possibility of moving to the west coast, where I would make roughly the same amount of money as I do here, but be facing housing costs three to  ...

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no-spend: April

via I saw this on a forum and decided that it was a really great idea for (at least) April. I’ve been pretty good with spending in March, but I definitely need to get it together even more! So, I made a list, things that I CAN spend on, and things that are not allowed: allowed – obviously basics like rent, utilities, phone, insurance, gas, etc. – necessary medications – maybe toothpaste? – refills on makeup/skincare/hair stuff if I run out (which I  ...

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