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no-spend: April


I saw this on a forum and decided that it was a really great idea for (at least) April. I’ve been pretty good with spending in March, but I definitely need to get it together even more! So, I made a list, things that I CAN spend on, and things that are not allowed:

– obviously basics like rent, utilities, phone, insurance, gas, etc.
– necessary medications
– maybe toothpaste?
– refills on makeup/skincare/hair stuff if I run out (which I shouldn’t, but I guess you never know)
– pet necessities (food, vet)
– hair cut
– groceries (primarily from Aldi), planned out so that nothing goes to waste

not allowed
– meals out more than 1x a week
– coffee not from home
– clothes/shoes/accessories (except for the pants that I need to exchange)
– home decor
– pet junk (toys, treats, clothes…)
– facials, manicures, pedicures
– alcohol
– new makeup or skincare items
– candy/desserts/sweets

So this means that I need to meal plan like crazy (which I really need to get better at anyway), and only purchase things that will get eaten, and things that will go with the items that are already in my fridge and pantry.

Anyone want to join me?

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