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I got a job!

I promised more on IG, so since I’m up way early on a Sunday, here I am.

I got a job! I actually started last week, but it’s been a pretty exhausting few days. I can’t give too many details due to security/privacy, but I basically work tech support for a bank, supporting a business product. No, it’s not HR, but even after all of the HR positions I applied to/interviewed for, this one met almost all of my other musts and then some, in no particular order:

  • within my salary range (surprisingly, many of the other positions I was looking at weren’t)
  • great, affordable health coverage
  • parental leave offering
  • TONS of room for growth
  • commitment to diversity
  • great managers who really wanted me in the position
  • good amount of vacation/sick time
  • commitment to work-life balance
  • commitment to improving the community

…the list goes on! I’ve mainly worked for small(er) companies, so working for a large one is a huge change for me–we have a cafeteria (a decently priced one, to boot)! Honestly, one of the largest factors in the decision was how excited my managers were. I had a really great interview with them, not only feeling like I was answering their questions to their satisfaction, but I just really liked the questions they were asking, they made me feel comfortable and at ease, they liked my questions, etc. It took about two weeks to get the offer from HR, immediately after which, one of the managers called me to make sure that I’d gotten it; apparently, they’d wanted to offer me the position ASAP and were not happy that it took so long to call me (the offer call is another story).

I’m in training for a while, which is a little scary because there’s just so much to learn, but everyone has been really great and helpful. My supervisor already mentioned how impressed he is at how much I got done this past week, even though it’s just training (important training, like HIPAA/HITECH, fraud, etc.), so that was pretty awesome to hear–I always like to know how I’m doing in real time.

So here I am, back to the working world, 6AM wakeups, heading to the office, and actually doing stuff on the weekends. We can focus on going back to “normal” and working on the house and yard again, maybe get some furniture that actually fits the size of the rooms, going out to eat, and planning vacations.

I want to send out some love to everyone who reached out, offered and gave their help (especially Tara, without whom I wouldn’t be here), listened to me, checked in, etc. etc. All of that meant so much to us, so thank you.

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  1. Rachel Swinehart

    February 27, 2017 at 8:30AM

    I’m excited you have found a position, not only to work, but that make you happy. Being happy @ work is very important.

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