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Wow, it’s been a while, and so much has changed in our lives. If you follow me on IG, I’ve been posting stuff there, otherwise in a nutshell: put down our dog, Ike (cancer), adopted two new dogs (Lea and Maeve), tons and tons of yardwork/gardening, got married and had an amazing honeymoon, and we both got huge promotions. These promotions are going to put us back where we were financially before we lost our jobs in 2016, but on a much better career track, and finally allow us to do the work on the house that we’ve been wanting to do!

We recently opened a HELOC (home equity line of credit) on the house to allow us to use the equity we’ve built (we have a 15 year mortgage) plus the equity granted by our area’s value increase–we were shocked at the appraisal value that came back for it, but with our furnace, water heater, and central air units hitting the 10 year mark (we had to replace the blower motor on the furnace this year), we also wanted to have the HELOC available in case we needed to replace one of those.

First things first: remodeling the kitchen! When we moved in, the kitchen was pretty builder basic, a minimum area of golden oak cabinets, laminate countertops, rolled vinyl flooring. The space desperately needed an island, the faucet was corroded so badly that it had damaged the sink base cabinet, and, with stuff on the counters, there was almost no working space. We painted the cabinets, but because of the wood grain and how hot it was, the paint chipped pretty quickly (though that was a temporary fix anyway), and we refinished a rolling cabinet that a neighbor was giving away to use as a small island, and that’s been okay for the past couple of years, but it’s time for a change!

I did a ton of research and planning for this (which our contractor loved), and everything except the cabinets and knobs/pulls are from Home Depot. The woman we worked with at HD has been amazing and very knowledgeable; she even wrote up the counters and then said we were going to wait until the new sale started because these would be on sale, and applied all of the appliance bundle discounts that were available.. We’re also putting in three pendant lights that match the light fixture above the new island, and a single light in our front entry way that will have the same wooden flooring. The walls in the kitchen are a grey-blue, which is going to look amazing with the white and grey.

Aspen white shaker pre-assembled cabinets, RTA Store
LG black stainless fridge, Home Depot
LG Viatera quartz countertops in oyster, Home Depot
Jeffrey Court Herringbone Cascade tile (backsplash), Home Depot
Glacier Bay pull down sprayer faucet, Home Depot
KRAUS stainless steel undermount sink, Home Depot
Rochdale hardware, Lee Valley Tools
Globe Electric Shae chandelier, Home Depot
Pergo Outlast+ laminate flooring in Java Scraped Oak, Home Depot

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