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fall wishlist 2019

This time of year is my favorite. Not just in a basic witch, pumpkin spice kind of way, but I feel connected to fall, more myself. Cooler weather, sweatshirts and sweaters, curling up under a blanket with a hot drink, making soups, burning fall-themed candles, it just feels right. Maybe it’s because my birthday and my favorite holiday are this time of year (let’s ignore that it’s currently 80-something degrees and disgustingly humid, there are HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS in stores, people). I’ve already done quite a bit of decor shopping as stores rolled out this year’s pickings, but the line between regular home and Halloween decor gets blurry around here.

Fall also happens to be the best time of year to find new wishlist items. I always have a lot of clothing on my lists, though this year is my first year working full time from home, so my wardrobe has slid over more on the comfy side. These 8 things are right at the top of my season must-haves:

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  1. I love this leopard cardigan (let’s face it, I love all cardigans), and this black and white one goes perfectly with every other item of clothing I own.
  2. Okay, did everyone see that awesome studded Starbucks cold cup that sold out immediately? I don’t even normally go to Starbucks unless I’m traveling, but I hit up a ton of them to see if I could grab one at retail and not extortion pricing, but no luck. I normally use my awesome Cupture crystal tumbler for all of my ice water needs, but sometimes you need to swap. The Jade one is also 30 oz, so a full cup larger than my current one.
  3. It’s no secret that I love BH Cosmetics products, but this palette is so gorgeous. I’m normally a brown eye shadow kind of woman, but those greens have me feeling some kind of way.
  4. I’ve been working to swap out my lower end daily jewelry pieces with higher quality, and this evil eye coin necklace is perfect!
  5. Much like my jewelry, I’ve been choosing higher quality shoes this year, as well, and these black Chelsea boots are exactly what I need for fall (and winter and probably the next 10 years). I’m really into ankle boots and I love that these have a nice tread pattern–so many women’s shoes have smooth soles, which I’ve had issues with, especially as it starts to get icy.
  6. Anyone else have DRY skin? All year round, dry dry dry, until I found Shea Terra Organics. They use a different kind of shea butter than I’m used to, so their products are so smooth and have done wonders for my skin (I use a number of their other products, too!).
  7. Okay, I’m not really a sock person–I go barefoot at home even if my feet are cold–but winters here can be pretty bad, so I do occasionally put on socks at home, and obviously wear them with boots. These socks are super cute and a wool blend, which is perfect for snow and ice and polar vortexes.
  8. Anyone else love a pullover? They are perfect for fall, and I love the neckline and cuffs on this one, paired with the black and white sherpa fleece. Now all I need is a photo op in a pumpkin patch.

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