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no-spend: April

via I saw this on a forum and decided that it was a really great idea for (at least) April. I’ve been pretty good with spending in March, but I definitely need to get it together even more! So, I made a list, things that I CAN spend on, and things that are not allowed: allowed – obviously basics like rent, utilities, phone, insurance, gas, etc. – necessary medications – maybe toothpaste? – refills on makeup/skincare/hair stuff if I run out (which I  ...

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Zenni Optical review

I have like ten posts in draft mode that I can’t seem to finish. Blah. I’ve actually been using Zenni Optical for years, since I didn’t have insurance for roughly ten years, but, you know, needed to see. I have coverage now, but I’m still pretty frugal in certain areas and don’t particularly care about brand names for glasses. I usually only wear contacts, but having a pair of glasses around to wear before bed or throw on in the middle of the night is always a  ...

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