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fall wishlist 2019

This time of year is my favorite. Not just in a basic witch, pumpkin spice kind of way, but I feel connected to fall, more myself. Cooler weather, sweatshirts and sweaters, curling up under a blanket with a hot drink, making soups, burning fall-themed candles, it just feels right. Maybe it’s because my birthday and my favorite holiday are this time of year (let’s ignore that it’s currently 80-something degrees and disgustingly humid, there are HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS in  ...

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Zenni Optical review

I have like ten posts in draft mode that I can’t seem to finish. Blah. I’ve actually been using Zenni Optical for years, since I didn’t have insurance for roughly ten years, but, you know, needed to see. I have coverage now, but I’m still pretty frugal in certain areas and don’t particularly care about brand names for glasses. I usually only wear contacts, but having a pair of glasses around to wear before bed or throw on in the middle of the night is always a  ...

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photoshoot with ArtistiCaise Photography

One of the things that I wanted for my birthday this year was a small photoshoot so that I could have some decent non-selfies to use. I met Danielle of ArtistiCaise Photography at a group photoshoot for a local arts group and absolutely loved her photography–her editing style is natural and gorgeous, and after working with her, I knew that she’d be a great photographer to help direct someone like me, who feels really awkward having their picture taken. We booked on Black Friday  ...

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finally, a fall outfit

Hey, it’s only the end of September and finally cold enough to wear fall clothing. And, while all I hear is people complaining about how “cold” it is, I happily slept with my windows open last night while it got down into the low 40s. I love the cold, I don’t care. I quick snapped this right by my before I headed off to stand in line at the Social Security office, so terrible angle and my bag of paperwork, yay. (Also, let it be known that this is one of the first  ...

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