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Zenni Optical review

I have like ten posts in draft mode that I can’t seem to finish. Blah. I’ve actually been using Zenni Optical for years, since I didn’t have insurance for roughly ten years, but, you know, needed to see. I have coverage now, but I’m still pretty frugal in certain areas and don’t particularly care about brand names for glasses. I usually only wear contacts, but having a pair of glasses around to wear before bed or throw on in the middle of the night is always a  ...

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and it was the best day ever

I am exhausted, y’all. After all the stress about moving and not getting much sleep lately, my Director of Publishing, Sam, and I hit the road to Wizard World Chicago Friday afternoon. This was my very first convention EVER, so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. We checked into the hotel, hit the convention floor, went to dinner, met some of the people from Critical Hit, went out with them, and then crashed back at the hotel (thank Capt Mal for Uber and Lyft). After no sleep,  ...

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